Lifestyle Change Program

Personalized program for heart health and disease prevention

Whether you’ve already had heart disease, want to reduce your risk of developing heart problems or are simply interested in enhancing your health and preventing disease, the Lifestyle Change Program is for you. Our nationally recognized intensive, signature lifestyle change program offers you tools to address your individual risk factors and create changes that last a lifetime.

You’ll start our three-month program with a unique, comprehensive physical and mind/body evaluation, then embark on a program of classes and workshops designed to address your concerns.

Your personalized mind-body-spirit program includes a cardiac consultation, stress test, lipid profile analysis and body composition profile. Based upon the results, we’ll work with you to develop exercise and nutrition plans tailored to your individual needs. And because whole-person wellness goes far beyond a healthy heart, your Lifestyle Change Program includes a psychosocial evaluation and stress management classes.

Spirituality guidance, music therapy and group support sessions complete this life-changing experience.

Program benefits

Many participants experience the following benefits:

  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Enhanced well-being
  • A decrease in chest pain (angina)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Weight loss
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Reduced need for surgery and medication
  • Empowerment and control of their health

Integrative cardiology

Scripps is a recognized leader in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. So it’s only natural that The Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine offers sophisticated cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment programs distinguished by a focus on whole-person wellness. We balance the most advanced technology with lifestyle changes, stress mastery and emotional support to help you learn to live life from the heart.

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