Choosing Your Obstetrician

The Right Doctor for Your Prenatal Care

Comprehensive prenatal care gives your newborn the best start in life. Finding the right obstetrician is an important step in your prenatal health. At Scripps, we want to make finding an obstetrician as easy as possible. Our physician referral services can connect you with an OB-GYN in San Diego that meets your unique needs. Call 1-800-SCRIPPS ( 800-727-4777) to speak to our physician referral services.

You may want to meet with a few obstetricians prior to selecting one to deliver your baby. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a doctor:

  • The hospitals where the obstetrician delivers
    All hospitals have different delivery policies, accommodations and visitation policies.
  • Your health history
    Chronic illness, age or difficulty in previous births may mean that you need a perinatologist— a physician that specializes in high risk pregnancies.
  • Their view on vaginal birth after cesareans (VBACs)
  • Their outlook on delivery
    Some physicians are very supportive of natural childbirth, while others often use early interventions to minimize any potential risks to mother and baby. Talk to each OB-GYN about your ideas for your birthing plan.
  • Their colleagues
    There is always a possibility that your physician may not be available to deliver your baby. Ask about the likelihood of a colleague being in the delivery.
  • Your comfort level with the physician
    Having a good rapport with your OB-GYN can help reduce stress throughout your prenatal care and delivery.