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    Grandparents Go Back to School for Modern Baby Care

    To help new grandparents navigate today’s changes in child care, Scripps Memorial Hospital Community Health is offering a new class especially for grandparents. “Grandparenting Today” gives new grandparents an introduction to the role they will be playing

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    Miracle Mom with Broken Neck Delivers Baby

    On Feb. 11, 2009, Tanja Rose gave birth to a healthy baby girl. While almost 4,000 babies are born each year at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, what makes Tanja’s story so extraordinarily special is she gave birth while being in a halo (a metal frame

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    Scripps Health Statement Regarding California Dept. of Public Health Administrative Penalty

    The fine issued today to Scripps Mercy Hospital by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is the result of an event more than a year ago at our Chula Vista campus that Scripps self-reported to the agency. As a result of our self-reporting of this event involving a delay in medication ...

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    NurseTV Profiles Veteran ICU Nurse

    Nancy Ludwick, R.N., a veteran ICU nurse at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, is featured on to NurseTV, a new nationally-syndicated television show that focuses on the real lives of nurses. The crew from NurseTV spent a couple of days following Nancy a

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    Timely, Expert Care for Women

    Whether you are planning to have children or preparing for retirement, the clinicians at Scripps Clinic OB/GYN in La Jolla are able to provide expert care for your unique health needs as a woman – and in a timely manner. Accessible Scripps Clinic La Jolla OB/GYN aims to schedule consultations for ...

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    Green Hospital Gets Greener

    Scripps Green Hospital is taking steps to make health care less harmful to the environment. In October 2007, it launched Living Green, a campaign designed to scale-down consumer appetites, reduce waste and save energy. Since then, the hospital has instituted more than a dozen earth-friendly ...

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    Living Green Projects

    As part of its Living Green campaign, Scripps Green is reusing when safe, recycling when possible and trying to reduce everything from water to electricity. In the process, the hospital is getting greener by the day. Here’s what’s being done to help the environment heal: Reclaiming cans With plans ...

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    Scripps Health Responds to Lawsuit’s Balance Billing Allegation

    A lawsuit filed (Sabban v. Scripps) alleges that Scripps Health has engaged in the practice referred to as “balance billing” in which patients are billed for the difference between what their insurance plan has paid and what the health care provider has billed. Scripps Health does not engage in this ...

    • Friday, February 27th, 2009
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    Scripps Coastal Carlsbad to Host Open House February 28

    The Carlsbad location of Scripps Coastal Medical Center will host an open house on Saturday, February 28, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Free activities include health screenings, food, facility tours and family fun. Dr. Lou Hogrefe talks to San Diego 6 News about the upcoming event at Scripps Coastal ...

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    Scripps President Chris Van Gorder Discusses the Health Care Crisis

    Scripps President and CEO Chris Van Gorder discusses the economic crisis in U.S. health care. In a special KPBS-TV segment, Van Gorder cites the need for more affordable coverage for more people, in order to lower the cost of individual coverage and reduce the burden on health care providers.

    • Thursday, February 26th, 2009