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  • Patient Stories

    Strides in Heart Care for Women

    Bonnie Miller always looked forward to her walks with her dog, Buddy—until this fall, when walking triggered a burning sensation in her lungs. That sensation, plus ongoing debilitating fatigue and nausea, sent her to Scripps. Within days of first being seen by family medicine physician ...

    • Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
  • Patient Stories

    Radiation Inspires 29-Year-Old Fighting Breast Cancer

    Lifesaving care for breast cancer Michelle Reyes was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast three years ago after she discovered a lump during a self-exam. Initially stunned by the unexpected news, Reyes, only 29 at the time, rallied quickly when her Scripps physicians explained that cancer was ...

  • Patient Stories

    Liver Transplant Gives Man a Second Chance at Life

    Growing up in Thermal, California, Richard Perez looked forward to buying a new comic book with his small allowance every time he visited the grocery store. Heroes like Batman, the X-Men, and Sub-Mariner inspired him with their strength and accomplishment – and may have influenced his choice to ...

    • Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
  • Patient Stories

    Strength and Determination Help Padres First Base Coach Beat Cancer

    Padres first base coach Dave Roberts is famous for sparking one of the most dramatic rallies in Major League Baseball history. His ninth-inning stolen base in the 2004 playoffs helped the Boston Red Sox stave off elimination and propelled the team to eight straight wins, culminating in its first ...

    • Monday, August 15th, 2011
  • Patient Stories

    Offering Protection from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Rhina and Hector Paredes have turned the tragic loss of their teenage son into an opportunity to put better health safeguards in place for other local children. Rhina Paredes, a registered nurse at Scripps Health, had no idea her athletic 15-year-old son Eric had a heart condition until he ...

  • Patient Stories

    Scripps Returns Teacher to Head of Class

    Imagine suffering a head injury so severe, you couldn’t find your way to familiar places or follow a simple recipe. Then imagine being told by doctors that your injury had healed and you were fine. This was reality for Ticia Bracher, a 46-year-old special education teacher from La Mesa, Calif. In ...

  • Patient Stories

    Scripps Cancer Patient Honored at Padres Game

    Plenty of people today use social media as part of their daily routines. Some log on to discuss sports, while others plan vacations or share recipes. Michelle Reyes of Chula Vista discovered a different purpose for social networking two years ago when starting her fight against cancer: to provide ...

  • Patient Stories

    Husband Gives Gift to Honor His Wife's Compassionate Spirit

    Passionate about nurturing all things living, Shirle McConnor was a masterful gardener. She belonged to five garden clubs, graciously hosted numerous garden tours and gave joy to hundreds who admired her talents. Honoring her compassionate spirit and zest for life, Bill McConnor recently made a $1 ...

  • Patient Stories

    Revolutionary Heart Valve Surgery Performed at Scripps

    Retired elementary school teacher Ruth Bradshaw was never the type of person to let anything slow her down. Even at 87 years old, she enjoyed an active lifestyle that included Jazzercise with her friends. Several years ago, Bradshaw was diagnosed with a serious aortic valve problem. With increasing ...

  • Patient Stories

    Experimental Heart Procedure Helps Decorated Veteran Heal

    Lester Tenney has cheated death on multiple occasions. He is a survivor of World War II’s infamous Bataan Death March. He endured more than three years of slave labor in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. And three months ago, he benefited from an experimental heart procedure that will undoubtedly add ...

    • Tuesday, March 29th, 2011