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Respecting patients and families as a health care provider in San Diego means making them confident when they seek care: confident talking with their doctors and nurses, and comfortable with the process, from making appointments to finding a facility and understanding bills.

The goal of this patient guide is to familiarize Scripps patients and families with the process they might experience, to clarify some of the “unknown” and offer tips and practical information.

Access Scripps Doctors

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Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal physicians accept a wide variety of health insurance plans.

Whether through Medicare, a supplemental plan, employer-sponsored health insurance, or though Covered California, Scripps can help you access our doctors and hospitals.

Learn more about the insurance plans Scripps Health accepts.

Pay Bills Online

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With Scripps Health’s online bill pay system, you can pay bills from the following:

  • Scripps hospitals
  • Scripps Clinic
  • Scripps Coastal Medical Center
  • Scripps Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Group

Pay Your Bill Online

Patient Publications

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During your hospital stay, Scripps wants to meet your expectations, keep you safe and make you comfortable. Learn how patients and providers can partner to accomplish those goals in the following publications:

En Español: Cuidamos De Usted (PDF, 415 KB), Su Hospitalizacion (PDF, 506 KB)

Stay Connected

Scripps CarePages

CarePages is a network that helps people stay connected and communicate with friends and family during health events, and to connect with people in similar situations. Set up your page now, or visit a patient’s CarePage.