Psychiatric Liaison Team

Countywide Psychiatric Evaluation and Triage Services

The Psychiatric Liaison Team provides evaluation and triage services to patients within the Scripps Health system in San Diego. Our team strives to ensure the well-being of every patient by recognizing the importance of the mind/body relationship to promote healing and wellness.

All Psychiatric Liaison Team members are licensed mental health professionals with a broad range of skills and experience. Based at Scripps Mercy Hospital, the team travels countywide serving all Scripps hospitals.

The Psychiatric Liaison Team is called when an acute psychiatric emergency is suspected, or when a patient’s medical care is compromised due to psychiatric symptoms or poor emotional adjustment to an accident or illness.

The Psychiatric Liaison Team provides:

  • In-depth psychiatric evaluation and triage
  • Dual-diagnosis evaluations and referrals
  • Evaluations for involuntary psychiatric treatment
  • Consultation by attending psychiatrists
  • Assistance with behavioral management and safety issues
  • Referrals for inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care
  • Referrals for psychological effects of complex medical disorders and trauma
  • Information and education
  • Family, children and adolescent resources

Community resources and affiliations

  • California Coalition for Mental Health
  • American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare of Southern California
  • Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare (National)
  • California Chapter of American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • California Coalition for Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Nurses in Advance Practice of California
  • San Diego Mental Health Association
  • San Diego Psychiatric Society