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    UT San Diego Lung Cancer Articles Offer Insight & Inspiration

    In two recent feature stories, the UT San Diego explored how lung cancer — the No. 2 cause of death in the U.S. — is increasingly curable. In the first story, Michael Kosty, MD of Scripps Clinic offered his insights into the disease. In the second story, San Diegan Adrian Bradshaw ...

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    42nd Annual Mercy Ball Raises Nearly $200K to Benefit Cancer Care

    The 42nd Annual Mercy Ball, “Merci Mercy,” held on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012, at the Grand Del Mar, raised nearly $200,000 to benefit breast cancer care programs for the Scripps Cancer Center at Scripps Mercy Hospital. This year’s event was co-chaired by Anne and Chuck Dick, Gretchen and Kirk Avery, ...

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    Proton Therapy Preserves Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients

    A study released this week has found that proton beam therapy preserves quality of life, specifically urinary and bowel function, in men treated with this highly targeted form of radiation treatment for prostate cancer. The study was co-authored by Carl J. Rossi Jr., M.D., medical director of the ...

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    The Savvy Patient - Wage a Smart Cancer Fight

    To help guide newly diagnosed cancer patients, Scripps Health’s Dr. Michael Kosty authored an article about the key questions that should be asked and answered. The story is part of Scripps Health’s ongoing “Savvy Patient” series of articles, published twice a month in UT San ...

    • Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
  • Scripps in the News

    Fox 5 News Explores Cancer Advances with Dr. Ray Lin

    Dr. Ray Lin of Scripps Health appeared on the Fox 5 Morning News Oct. 22 to discuss recent advances in screening and treatments for breast cancer patients. Dr. Lin also offered practical advice for women to consider before going in for diagnostic mammograms. The segment included a preview of the ...

    • Monday, October 22nd, 2012
  • Scripps in the News

    KUSI News Broadcasts Live from Opening of Scripps Radiation Therapy Center

    KUSI News was on hand to cover the Oct. 3, 2012 grand opening of the $44 million Scripps Radiation Therapy Center. Scripps Health President and CEO Chris Van Gorder talked with reporter Ed Linderman about the building’s unique design features and advanced technology for patient care. Located on ...

    • Thursday, October 11th, 2012
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    Grand Opening of Scripps Radiation Therapy Center

    Scripps Radiation Therapy Center serves patients from across the San Diego region who require radiation therapies. It also offers access to clinical trials.

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    The Many Faces of a Cancer Diagnosis

    By Ray Lin, MD, Scripps Health Few events may be as life-changing as a diagnosis of cancer. Yet thousands of people hear such news every day. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, more than 40 percent of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during ...

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    Scripps Announces Naming & Opening of Woltman Family Infusion Center

    Local community and health care leaders gathered in Hillcrest on Sept. 19 to celebrate the naming and opening of the Woltman Family Infusion Center, an outpatient service of Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego that specializes in cancer care and treatment of other health conditions. The $1.3 million ...

  • Health and Wellness

    The Truth About Cancer Care

    How improved treatments and integrative healing modalities are helping patients More than 40 percent of men and women born today will be receive a cancer diagnosis at some time during their lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. The news can be life-changing and reactions vary. After ...

    • Tuesday, September 11th, 2012