Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy in San Diego at Scripps Health

Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego offers advanced radiation therapy for the treatment of cancerous tumors and certain non-cancerous conditions. One of only 15 operating proton treatment centers in the nation, and the first in the United States to treat patients exclusively with pencil-beam scanning. The facility features cancer-fighting technology that draws on decades of research and development in cancer radiation therapy.

Learn more about cancer treatment and proton therapy at Scripps.

Proton Therapy Expertise

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The clinical and scientific teams have more than 90 years of combined experience treating patients with proton therapy. Learn more about the experts at the center.

Conditions Treated

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Proton therapy can be used for many types of cancerous and non-cancerous conditions. Learn more about the conditions treated by the team at Scripps Proton Therapy Center.

About Proton Therapy


Is Proton Therapy an Option?

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If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, find out if proton therapy is a treatment option.