Proton Therapy for Pediatric Cancers

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Precise Treatment for Pediatric Cancers

Nowhere is proton therapy’s precise ability to target tumors more valuable than when treating pediatric cancers. Because they are still growing, children and teens are particularly sensitive to damage from radiation treatments. Though the original cancer may be treated successfully, radiation exposure in other organs can lead to future problems.

The most advanced facility of its kind in Southern California, Scripps Proton Therapy Center uses precisely focused radiation to help overcome these challenges. Protons deposit their highest doses directly in tumors, reducing exposure to healthy tissue. As a result, children with cancer can receive therapeutic doses with fewer side effects and a reduced chance of radiation-induced secondary cancers.

Learn more about proton therapy as a treatment for pediatric cancers.

Our Partners in Care

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The radiation oncologists at Scripps Proton Therapy Center work with the pediatric cancer team at Rady Children’s Hospital to ensure comprehensive treatment and support for families coping with childhood cancers.

Pediatric Cancer Treatment

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Scripps Proton Therapy Center offers treatment for a wide variety of cancerous and non-cancerous pediatric conditions. Learn more about the benefits of this precise approach to radiation therapy for children.