Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Personalized Treatment for MS Symptoms

For many people living with multiple sclerosis , also called MS, the greatest challenge is managing day-to-day living despite side effects such as numbness and tingling, weakness in the limbs, tremors, visual loss, fatigue, depression, spasticity, and bladder, bowel, or sexual problems.

While multiple sclerosis cannot be cured, its symptoms can be managed in part through rehabilitation including physical, occupational and speech therapies—allowing you to achieve a better quality of life. But because MS affects every person differently, it’s important that you seek a customized treatment plan tailored for your needs.

The goal of rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis is to help alleviate symptoms and compensate for some of the physical and neurological problems caused by the disease. Specifically, therapy can address:

  • Muscle and joint stiffness, pain and weakness
  • Balance problems
  • Lack of coordination
  • Trouble walking (gait)
  • Fatigue

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