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  • Patient Stories

    Teen's Life Saved Twice in One Day

    For 18-year-old Claire Cordua, having a stroke was the furthest thing from her mind. Having just graduated from high school, Claire was enjoying a leisurely summer hanging out with friends, tutoring, babysitting and getting ready to head off to college. All that changed on July 17, when Claire ...

  • Patient Stories

    Man Experiences Rapid Recovery Following Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

    After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Charles Dick experienced a quick recovery following robot-assisted surgery. Hear from the patient and his surgeon, Carol Salem, MD.

    • Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
  • Patient Stories

    Young Mother Receives Lifesaving Care During Son’s Birth

    Miranda and Bryce Klassen have been married four years. As they stand in a small garden with family and friends, they share a toast to celebrate their wedding anniversary. There are smiles and hugs from the group of well wishers — and on this special occasion, there are even a few tears. Their ...

  • Patient Stories

    Sailor Finds Fast Care at Scripps After Suffering a Stroke

    Lowell North is no stranger to the challenges of sailing. He won an Olympic gold medal and five world championships, skippered in the America’s Cup trials, and sailed around the world. So when he seemed unusually tired after a demanding regatta in San Diego Bay in November 2006, his wife, Bea, ...

  • Patient Stories

    Robotic Surgery Helps Lifetime Golfer Quickly Return to the Game

    As founder and CEO of Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc., a San Diego building, engineering and construction management firm, Doug Barnhart understands the importance of using the latest technology to get the best results. As a lifetime golfer, he recognizes that precision, expertise and years of experience ...

  • Patient Stories

    New Program Provides Empowerment, Support for Parkinson’s Patients

    Throughout his life, 69-year-old Wayne L. hasn’t been one to sit still. The retired vice president of operations for a high-tech telecommunications company is also a father, grandfather, and running enthusiast who has participated in 27 marathons and 12 ultra-marathons. So when a diagnosis of ...

  • Patient Stories

    Scripps Green Hospital Offers New Breast Imaging Tool

    When San Diego resident Joan B. was diagnosed with breast cancer, the news didn’t come as a surprise. In her mammoth family of 14, cancer had become common. Three brothers had prostate cancer. Joan, a then 48-year-old registered nurse, was the third of five sisters who eventually received a breast ...

  • Patient Stories

    Cardiac Surgery Repairs Rescue Swimmer’s Mitral Valve

    As a military rescue swimmer, 36-year-old Ronny German was in the best shape of his life and had no previous health problems. However, shortly after a routine dental cleaning, Ronny began to experience significant swelling in his joints, which his doctors initially diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis; ...

  • Patient Stories

    Runner Returns to Racing After Having a Heart Attack

    When 47-year-old John Spangler arrived in the emergency department at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, he looked and smelled like he had just run a marathon. That’s because he had. “I was sweaty and smelly, but it didn’t matter,” says John. “I told them I was having this weird feeling in my ...

  • Patient Stories

    Young Surfer Gets Back to the Waves After Unique Surgery

    As an avid surfer, Zack Pekin enjoys riding the waves of Southern California. He’s been surfing since he was 12. But after shattering his kneecap during his sophomore year in college, he was like a fish out of water. Severely damaging his patella — the triangular bone that covers and protects ...