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  • Health and Wellness

    Five Surprising Keys to Happiness

    Happiness is strongly associated with how people approach life’s predictable and unpredictable challenges and stressors — both mentally and emotionally.

  • Health and Wellness

    Coping With Stress in the Workplace

    If you feel your shoulders clench, your back twinge, your head pound and your heart rate increase as you step out of the car on the way into your workplace — you are not alone. The American Psychological Association found in 2009 that 69 percent of workers surveyed said work was a significant source ...

  • Health and Wellness

    When Healthy Habits Go Too Far

    How to know if your quest for fitness has become an unhealthy addiction A five-mile run first thing in the morning, rain or shine. A low-fat vegan diet. Hot yoga. Counting calories. What could possibly go wrong with routines and habits that are intended to keep you healthy? Plenty, according to ...

    • Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
  • Health and Wellness

    6 Ways to Salvage a Broken New Year’s Resolution

    If you rang in the New Year full of good intentions but quickly slipped back into old habits, you certainly aren’t alone. According to research conducted in 2003 at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, just 19 percent of people manage to ...

    • Friday, January 13th, 2012
  • Scripps in the News

    The Savvy Patient - Recognize signs of mental disorder and be ready to offer help

    In this week’s “Savvy Patient” column in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Jerry Gold, Ph.D., provides insight on recognizing the signs of mental illness. About one in four people in the United States will experience a mental disorder at some point in their lives. Despite the high prevalence of ...

    • Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
  • Scripps in the News

    The Savvy Patient - Don’t Let Your Anxiety Come Between You and Your Doctor

    In this week’s installment of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s “Savvy Patient” column, Scripps Health provides insights into the issue of anxiety about seeing your doctor. In an average year, people across the U.S. make more than 900 million doctor visits. But for some, the thought of going to the ...

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    Seniors and Depression: An All Too Common and Overlooked Situation

    Help for an overlooked health problem May is National Mental Health Month – an opportunity to shed some light on an all too-often overlooked health problem among our senior citizens – depression. Although common, depression is not a normal part of the aging process. We have an epidemic ...

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    A-Vision Volunteer Program Seeks to Remove Mental Illness Stigma

    People with psychiatric disorders are often misunderstood, feared and shunned by society. It is especially difficult for those who have been diagnosed with mental illness to find work – even if they are undergoing or have completed treatment. Dr. Jerry Gold, director of Scripps Mercy ...