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    Can You Lose Weight in Specific Areas of the Body?

    The best approach to losing fat in those stubborn areas If you are happy with your body weight but frustrated with the flabby arms, thighs or tummy — you are not alone. A lot of people feel the same way. Many try to tone up and slim down their problem areas using special machines and gadgets to aid ...

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    Healthy Ways to Lose Weight for Special Occasions

    You have an event coming up — wedding, reunion, a trip to Maui — so naturally you want to look your best. You may have put on a couple of pounds over the past few months — or years. Now, you want them gone. But you may not have the luxury of time. So what’s the best way to get back to your ideal ...

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    Can Poor Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

    Good rest is fundamental to good health on all levels. Sleep is the body’s opportunity to recharge, repair damage and prepare for the coming day. Without it, our bodies fall out of sync. And our health — including our metabolic health — can be at risk. Poor sleep equals weight gain There have been a ...

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    Why It's So Hard to Maintain Weight Loss

    Losing weight is hard work. It throws us off our routine, forces us into choices we don’t want to make and can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. But the reward is seeing the numbers drop on the scale until we finally achieve that ideal weight. Weight loss challenges Then what? We have to maintain ...

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    How Can I Convince My Kids to Eat Healthier?

    We’ve seen it happen a thousand times: a child moving food around the plate, but not into his or her mouth. Enthusiasm for the meal continues to diminish, as they slouch lower in the chair, claim to be full and excuse themselves from the table. But 30 minutes later, they’re starving and requesting a ...

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    One Reason Why Your Diet May Not Be Working

    If you’re overweight and trying to lose a few pounds, you’ve probably been told to eat a low-calorie diet and limit your fat intake. But for some people, that approach doesn’t work. The needle on the scale stays glued to the same spot no matter how many times they skip the cream cheese on a morning ...

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    5 “Diet” Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

    Just because a food says “diet,” that doesn’t mean it’s good for weight loss efforts. Scripps Health weight management experts weigh in high-calorie culprits.

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    Seven Foods to Eat if You Are Trying to Lose Weight

    To lose weight, you have to make good choices about the food you eat. It’s not always simple. Fat-filled, high-calorie snacks are easy to find and consume. Healthy foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins often require a little more preparation. So eating foods that will ...

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    The Not-So-Sweet Health Effects of Drinking Soda

    Over the past few decades, soda has become a staple of the American diet. Every restaurant offers a variety of flavors, vending machines fill the lunch rooms of office buildings and schools, and every convenience store sells it by the bucket-sized cup. In fact, it’s hard to grab a quick meal ...

    • Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
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    Is Organic Produce Worth It?

    By now, most people have heard health experts’ best grocery shopping advice: When you go to the store, stick to the outside aisles. That’s where you’ll find the raw ingredients for healthy, wholesome meals. Eggs, poultry, fish, low-fat dairy and fresh produce are all situated at the edges of the ...

    • Wednesday, February 15th, 2012