Palliative Care

Improving Quality of Life with Palliative Care

The inpatient palliative care programs at Scripps Health seek to improve quality of life and decrease suffering for hospitalized patients with serious, chronic or life-threatening illness.

Such care may involve:

  • Managing pain and other adverse symptoms
  • Facilitating clear communication and decision-making
  • Providing emotional, psychosocial and spiritual support

Palliative care personnel work closely with members of the medical care team — nurses, pharmacists, doctors and physical therapists — to ensure that patients and their families are as comfortable as possible, and understand all aspects of the care plan.

Scripps Health recognizes the importance of each component of patient support: that medical care is more than physical treatment, and must address the whole person.

Additionally, we coordinate palliative care with other programs at Scripps, including hospice care and home health services.

Palliative care locations