Study of Idiopathic Disease in Humans

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Eric J Topol, MD
This study is using genomic sequencing to search for potential genetic causes of undiagnosed diseases. The study requires a meeting with a study coordinator and a blood draw.
* Have a disease or condition that, despite ongoing care and follow-up by a physician or other health care provider, remains undiagnosed.<br>* The disease or condition may benefit from the use of genomic strategies for suggesting new diagnoses and/or novel interventions (i.e., the symptoms appear genetic based on either family history or a sign that the symptoms have a shared underlying cause)<br>* Has disease or condition that is serious and/or severe (i.e., life and/or quality-of-life threatening as determined by the Clinician Panel)<br>* Has a life expectancy of more than 6 months<br>* Has a physician who is willing to participate in the study, who will accept responsibility for return of genomic results and any clinical decision-making on the basis of any results provided <br>

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