Health Insurance Options

Find a medical insurance plan offering access to Scripps during open enrollment

Scripps physician Veronica Reyes, MD, uses a stethoscope to check the heart of a pediatric patient whose health insurance covers her care at Scripps.

Dr. Veronica Reyes, Family Medicine, Scripps Coastal Medical Center

Find a medical insurance plan offering access to Scripps during open enrollment

If you are making decisions about your health insurance, we can help you find a health plan that provides you with access to care at Scripps. We accept most health insurance plans, including those offered through employers, Medicare, Covered California, brokers or health insurance companies offering individual or family plans. 

Rest assured, if you choose a health insurance plan with access to Scripps, you and your family will receive the high-quality, convenient and comprehensive care that makes us one of the nation’s best in health care year after year. We have physicians throughout San Diego County, including primary care doctors, pediatricians and specialists. In addition, you can receive care at same-day, walk-in clinics for minor illnesses and injuries at Scripps HealthExpress. Our network also includes three urgent care facilities and five Scripps hospital campuses. Our award-winning hospitals provide emergency care should you or your family need it. Learn more about the benefits of selecting Scripps for your care. See the list of medical insurance plans accepted.

Health insurance through your employer

Employers offering health benefits have an open enrollment period where employees may elect or make changes to the benefit options available to them. Often, this enrollment period is the only time of the year during which changes can be made to your health coverage. However, qualifying events may trigger a special enrollment period anytime of the year. Qualifying events include life-changing occasions, such as the birth of a child, when you will need to choose a pediatrician.  

If you are nearing your employer’s open enrollment period or experiencing a qualifying event, access to Scripps may be available in the health insurance plan options offered by your company. See the list of health plans accepted by Scripps Health. Human resources at your organization can also answer your questions.

Individual health insurance through brokers and Covered California

If you need to buy health insurance for yourself or your family, Scripps accepts many health plans available directly through health insurance brokers and Covered California — the state’s health insurance marketplace where Californians can purchase quality health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Depending on your household income, you may be eligible for federal assistance under Covered California. 

Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical Center providers can be accessed on Covered California through the following health insurance plans:

  • Health Net HMO CommunityCare
  • Blue Shield HMO Trio
  • Blue Shield PPO 

Covered California open enrollment takes place in the fall, from October through January. A special enrollment period is available at any time of the year if you experience a qualifying life event. 

You also have the option to purchase an individual or family plan through a health insurance broker. Health insurance brokers are licensed benefits professionals who can help you find a plan with access to Scripps doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Health insurance for small businesses

If you own a small business and need to provide health insurance for your employees, Scripps accepts a number of comprehensive, cost-effective small business health plans, including plans offered through Covered California. Federal tax credits may be available for eligible employers and small businesses can enroll in the plans year-round. Learn about your options by visiting Covered California.

Medicare health insurance

Scripps accepts Medicare health insurance plans, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplemental plans, so you can receive high-quality care from trusted Scripps doctors. Whether you are about to retire, are turning 65 soon or already have a Medicare plan, learn how to keep your existing Scripps doctors or make the switch to Scripps when you move to the federal insurance program for those 65 and older. Learn more about your Medicare enrollment options and get answers to frequently asked questions.