Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Visiting your friends and family in the hospital

Visitors can be good medicine for patients in the hospital. However, with patient safety and quality of care in mind, there are times when patient visitation is restricted.

General hospital visiting times are 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m., but may vary on specialized units. If patients desire visitors at other times, arrangements can be made with the charge nurse. The patient or their support person will be made aware of any specific circumstance limiting visitation. 

Visitor guidelines

  • Visitors who are ill (have an infection, fever, cold, diarrhea or vomiting) or do not feel well should refrain from visiting.
  • In order to provide patients with adequate rest, visitors are restricted to two people at a time at the bedside unless otherwise approved by specialized units. 
  • Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult and must be directly supervised at all times. The patient cannot be considered the supervisor of a child.
  • Children may visit inpatient units, but are only authorized in critical care units on a case by case basis by the unit manager or their designee. 
  • Visitor limitations in maternal child health and the blood and marrow transplant unit are based on unit and patient criteria.

Please note: In an effort to protect patients and staff from the flu, Scripps may place further restrictions on visitation during extreme flu seasons. Further restrictions will be posted to this page during such times.