Mission, Vision and Values


The Scripps mission is simple and heartfelt

Scripps strives to provide superior health services in a caring environment and to make a positive, measurable difference in the health of individuals in the communities we serve.

We devote our resources to delivering quality, safe, cost effective, socially responsible health care services. We advance clinical research, community health education, education of physicians and health care professionals and sponsor graduate medical education.

We collaborate with others to deliver the continuum of care that improves the health of our community.


Scripps Health will continue to be the leading health care delivery system in the greater San Diego community, as evidenced by the highest clinical quality, patient safety, and patient, physician and employee satisfaction. This will be achieved through unending focus on patient-centered and compassionate care, cost-effective operations, research, advanced technology and innovation.


We provide the highest quality of service
Scripps is committed to putting the patient first and quality is our passion. In the new world of health care, we want to anticipate the causes of illness and encourage healthy behavior for all who rely on us for service. We teach and encourage patients to participate in their care and to make well-informed decisions. We will be their advocate when they are most vulnerable. We measure our success by our patients’ satisfaction, their return to health and well-being, and our compassionate care for dying patients, their families and friends.

We demonstrate complete respect for the rights of every individual
Scripps honors the dignity of all persons, and we show this by our actions toward one another and those we serve. We embrace the diversity that allows us to draw on the talents of one another. We respect and honor the cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs and practices of our patients in a manner consistent with the highest standards of care. All this is done in a compassionate setting. Our goal is to create a healing environment in partnership with all caregivers who are committed to serving our patients.

We care for our patients every day in a responsible and efficient manner
Scripps serves as a major community health care resource for San Diego County and, as such, we are accountable for the human, financial and ecological resources entrusted to our care as we promote healing and wholeness. We begin from a base of excellence and collaborate with co-workers, physicians, patients, and other providers to find new and creative ways to improve the delivery of health care services. All members of our community will have access to timely, affordable and appropriate care.