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Our commitment to health care quality

Dr. Steven Copp examines imaging with a young patient, illustrating the quality care delivered at Scripps Health in San Diego.

Dr. Steven Copp, Orthopedic Surgery, Scripps Clinic  

Our commitment to health care quality

Scripps is committed to continuously improving the quality of health care we deliver. 

From awards and accolades to patient satisfaction scores and quality ratings, the results speak for themselves. Data show that on average, we have higher survival rates, fewer medical errors and better patient satisfaction than the majority of health care systems in the nation. 

Defining quality at Scripps

At Scripps, quality is both conceptual and practical in nature. It includes subtle attitudes, beliefs and principles that shape and guide us. And it includes many concrete rules, policies and processes we put into practice and continuously track, because clear evidence has confirmed they improve safety, results and the overall patient experience. 

Awards and accolades

Scripps pediatrician Dr. Sivathilaka Ganesh gives a high-five to a young girl, representing the award-winning care at Scripps.

Dr. Sivathilaka Ganesh, Pediatrics, Scripps Coastal Medical Center

Awards and accolades

Scripps has received many awards confirming our care is among the best in the nation. Learn more about our accolades and awards.

Quality and transparency

A middle-aged woman gets her eyes checked by a Scripps doctor, who is providing high-quality care.

Dr. Athena Philis-Tsimikas, Endocrinology, Scripps Clinic

Quality and transparency

In partnership with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and California Hospital Association (CHA), Hospital Quality Institute introduced transparency dashboards containing publicly available quality data for each acute-care CHA-member hospital. The quarterly dashboards provide information on eight measures with the sole purpose of increasing hospital quality transparency and subsequent quality improvement. We invite you to view the Quality Transparency Dashboards (PDF, 280 KB) for all Scripps hospitals.

If you want to see how Scripps compares to other hospitals and health care systems in the nation, browse the links below.

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A commitment to quality

Dr. Suhar and Scripps employee closely review patient results, representing our commitment to quality at Scripps.

Dr. Christopher Suhar, Cardiology, Scripps Clinic

A commitment to quality

At Scripps, quality is a combination of philosophy and practice. Read our annual report to learn how we incorporate both into our daily work, so the care we provide is effective, efficient, responsible and respectful.  

Why choose Scripps

A mother trusts Dr. David Miller to provide the best possible care for her baby.

Dr. David Miller, Family Medicine, Scripps Clinic

Why choose Scripps

You deserve doctors and a health system you can trust to provide the best possible care for you and your loved ones. Learn why generations of San Diegans have relied on us for care.