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Scripps Health News, Press Releases, Wellness Tips and More

Learn more about Scripps Health in San Diego through our news center. Using the filters below, you can find news releases, wellness articles, patient stories, health tips from our physicians and highlights of recent media coverage.

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Family Medicine | February 6, 2023 12am

Are There Benefits of Aluminum-Free Deodorant?

Also known as natural deodorants, aluminum-free deodorants have become more popular. But are they necessary? Learn the pros and cons.
Health and Wellness | February 3, 2023 12am

Heart Attack, Panic Attack, Anxiety and Indigestion: What is the Difference?

Learn why symptoms feel similar, how to tell them apart and when to seek care. The most common heart attack symptoms include chest pain.
Scripps in the News | February 1, 2023 12am

Media Spotlight on National Girls and Women in Sports Day

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is Feb. 1 and CBS 8 News interviewed Laika Nur, MD, about the many health benefits of sports participation.
Health and Wellness | February 1, 2023 12am

Heart Disease in African-American Women: What To Look For

Black women are disproportionately affected by heart disease. Many are not even aware that they are at risk. Learn the risk factors.
Health and Wellness | January 25, 2023 12am

Pregnancy and High Blood Pressure: When to Call the Doctor

Hypertension in pregnancy is common and can cause complications. Learn about preeclampsia and gestational hypertension and treatments.
Health and Wellness | January 25, 2023 12am

How Can I Avoid Pickleball Injuries and Stay Healthy?

Get proper footwear, take a lesson if possible, warm up, cool down, don't overexert yourself. Pickleball is fun, but injuries are common.
Scripps in the News | January 24, 2023 12am

NBC 7 Reports on National Decline in Cancer Death Rates

NBC 7 News recently interviewed Dr. Thomas Buchholz, Medical Director at Scripps MD Anderson, to learn what factors are driving the positive trend.
Health and Wellness | January 24, 2023 12am

Vision Health: What Is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Age-related macular degeneration is a common vision loss condition that affects older adults. Treatment can slow vison loss.
Scripps in the News | January 20, 2023 12am

Scripps Cardiologist Featured in Heart Valve Replacement Story

Curtiss Stinis, MD, was first in San Diego to implant a new experimental heart device in a patient. Learn more from the nationally televised feature.
Health and Wellness | January 19, 2023 12am

Does Your Child Have ADHD? (video/podcast)

A pediatrician explains Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Treatments may include behavior therapy and medication.