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Health and Wellness | March 17, 2023 12am

Medicare Wellness Visit or Physical Exam?

A Medicare annual wellness visit is not the same as a full physical exam. Learn the difference before scheduling an appointment.
Health and Wellness | March 16, 2023 12am

What Are the Surprising Benefits of Youth Sports Programs?

Youth sports is good for kids for many reasons, including preventing obesity, improving mental health and teaching important life skills.
Health and Wellness | March 16, 2023 12am

7 Tips for Safe Spring Break Travel

Take the stress out of spring travel. Sleep, nutrition, hydration play a big part. Visit a travel medicine clinic if you're going abroad.
Health and Wellness | March 13, 2023 12am

How Does COPD Affect the Lungs? What Are Treatments? (video/podcast)

A Scripps pulmonologist explains the causes, symptoms and treatments for COPD, a condition that makes breathing difficult.
Health and Wellness | March 13, 2023 12am

What Can Parents Do to Keep Their Kids Physically Active?

Kids should be get at least one hour of physical activity each day for their health and well-being. Follow our tips to promote exercise.
Health and Wellness | March 9, 2023 12am

Is Organic Produce Worth It?

Should you spend more for organic foods? A recent study shows that eating more organic food can protect you from cancer. A Scripps nutrition expert explains...
Scripps in the News | March 8, 2023 12am

Respiratory Therapist Joins Scripps La Jolla 10 Years After Being a Patient

Josue Ramos is now a respiratory therapist at Scripps Memorial La Jolla, but 10 years ago he was a high-school senior and a patient at the hospital.
Health and Wellness | March 7, 2023 12pm

What Should You Do After Being Diagnosed With Cancer?

After a cancer diagnosis, it's important to create a care plan with lots of support. Get to know your care team and learn what to expect.
Scripps in the News | March 7, 2023 12am

In the News: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

It's colorectal cancer awareness month. Walter Coyle, MD, discusses risk factors, screening option and more with CBS 8.
Health and Wellness | March 6, 2023 12am

8 Things to Know About Colorectal Cancer Screenings

By age 45, you should have a talk with your doctor about colorectal cancer and when to do a screening. Learn symptoms and treatments.