Medical Records

How to request Scripps medical records

How to request Scripps medical records

Scripps Health takes great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. With your authorization, there are several convenient ways to request that your medical record be sent directly to you or your physician.

For new patients

To transfer your outside medical records to Scripps as a new patient, please review the options below. It’s important to complete this process before your first appointment.

For Scripps patients

To request your Scripps medical record to be sent directly to you, your non-Scripps physician or other authorized person, please review the options below.

Important information about requesting medical records

Authorizations signed by a patient representative must be verified by including a copy of one of the following documents:  

  • Legal guardianship papers including, but not limited to, court order(s) or conservatorships.
  • Designation of Personal Representative form completed and signed by the patient.

  • Advanced Directive for Health Care specifying agents’ authority to request medical records. Fill out the form (English (PDF, 160 KB)/Spanish (PDF, 180 KB)) and give copies to your designated representative, physician and health care institution.
  • Requests for medical records of deceased patients require a copy of documentation verifying personal representative status. Requests for medical records will require a copy of the death certificate. The person identified as the informant on the death certificate (designated as line item 26) has the authority to sign the authorization for releasing records on behalf of the deceased patient in cases where legal documentation is not available before the time of death. 

Serving subpoenas to Scripps Health

All subpoenas for medical records must be hand-served in person with a $15 payment at the Scripps Health Release of Information Department: 

Release of Information Department (back of building) 

10790 Rancho Bernardo Rd 

San Diego, CA 92127 

Mon - Fri 8 am - 2:30 pm

Phone: 760-633-7746

There is a $15 processing fee for health record requests from legal offices, copy services, and insurance companies (additional fees may apply). Payments are to be made out to Scripps Health: Release of Information Department. To pay by credit card, please contact the Release of Information department at 760-633-7746, Monday through Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm.

Hospital records:

Subpoenas must be served separately for medical records and images and must be made out to the individual hospital, including name and hospital address.  

Clinic records:

Subpoenas must be served separately for medical records and images and must be made out to Scripps Clinic 10666 N Torrey Pines Rd La Jolla, CA 92037 to encompass all Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal Medical Center locations at Scripps Health.  

Please allow us time to process your request. The legal maximum time to fulfill a request in California is 15 days, although we strive to process requests sooner. We will contact you if your request will be delayed or if we cannot fulfill your request.

For Billing records: please contact 858-927-5870 or 877-727-4777 

For Human Resources records: please contact 858-678-6947

For Pathology slides: please contact the Scripps Hospital Pathology Department where services were rendered

For Law Enforcement inquiries: email