Health Information Exchange (HIE) at Scripps Health

Sharing your records with health information exchanges

Sharing your records with health information exchanges

Scripps Health participates in electronic sharing of medical records for treatment purposes via Scripps Health Information Exchange (HIE), which is an online portal that allows Scripps to securely share health information with hospitals, clinics and physician offices that are involved in your health care, who are not affiliated with Scripps Health. These non-Scripps health care providers may be located in other states.

All participating health care organizations involved in the health information exchange are required to meet very stringent rules to protect the privacy and security of your health and personal information. 

San Diego Health Exchange 

Sharing health information between a diverse array of organizations, including Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) hospitals, schools, health plans, medical groups, social services providers, independent physicians, skilled nursing facilities and behavioral health providers. 

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EPIC’s Care Everywhere

Sharing health information between organizations utilizing EPIC electronic health record systems. 

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Participating in Scripps HIE

Your participation in the health information exchange is encouraged, and if you wish to participate you do not need to take any specific action. However, participation is not mandatory; it is your decision and you may opt out at any time if you do not wish to participate. Reasons patients have opted out and declined sharing their information with other healthcare providers (some of which may be located outside of California), include the following: sensitive diagnoses, results and procedures; personal privacy preferences.

Should you decide to opt out, you may opt back in at any time.  

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