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Health and Wellness | January 9, 2024

How to Avoid Getting Sick at the Doctor’s Office

Avoid catching an illness at the doctor's office. Follow our tips, including hand washing and making appointments during slow hours.
Health and Wellness | January 8, 2024

Cracking the Produce Sticker Code

Produce labels can tell you if you're buying organic or conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Learn the difference. What is GMO?
Health and Wellness | January 8, 2024

How Do Birth Control Pills Help with Acne?

Birth control pills can prevent pregnancy and also treat acne. Learn the ones the FDA has approved for acne treatment.
Health and Wellness | January 5, 2024

What Is Celiac Disease? Is Gluten to Blame?

Bread with a gluten-free sign indicates to people with celiac disease that it is safe for them to eat.
Celiac disease is caused by intolerance to gluten. Symptoms include diarrhea and stomach pain. A gluten-free diet is usually the answer.
Health and Wellness | January 4, 2024

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a common procedure that uses liposuction to reshape the buttocks. A board-certified plastic surgeon explains.
Health and Wellness | January 3, 2024

Mediterranean Diet Is Best Diet – Once Again

US News and World Report ranks the Mediterranean Diet as the best for the seventh year in a row. Learn why this diet works.
Health and Wellness | December 27, 2023

Should You Get Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk?

A lab worker testing for signs of genetic-related cancer.
Learn the pros and cons of genetic counseling and testing for cancer, including the role of family history and testing limitations.
Health and Wellness | December 21, 2023

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Mental Health?

Diabetes can also impact your mental health, leading to stress, anxiety and depression. Learn the symptoms and when to seek help.
News Releases | December 20, 2023

Hospital Violence Task Force Makes Progress on Protecting Health Care Workers

The newly formed San Diego Hospital Workforce Violence Task Force is making progress after being established only a few months ago.
Health and Wellness | December 20, 2023

Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery: What to Know

A Hispanic woman sits, thinking and considering bariatric surgery.
Learn about bariatric surgery and its life-changing benefits for those struggling with traditional weight-loss methods. Are you eligible?