CareWare light 'patch' therapy for the treatment of acne vulgaris

Trial ID:
E. Victor Ross, M.D.
This study is evaluating the effectiveness of combined blue and red light therapy as an “at home” treatment for moderate acne using wearable CareWare light patches. Study duration is about 6 weeks. Visits may be done in the clinic or by virtual/video visit.

Inclusion Criteria

Patients must:
  • Be 18 – 35 years of age
  • Have a clinical diagnosis of moderate acne vulgaris
  • Have at least 20 inflammatory lesions
  • Be willing to avoid excess sun exposure and not use topical or oral anti-acne medications including medicated shampoo or soap during the study period
  • Meet all other eligibility criteria

Exclusion Criteria

Patients must not:
  • Have used oral retinoid therapy such as isotretinoin within the past 12 months
  • Have a diagnosis of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or papulopustular rosacea
  • Have a history of keloids
  • Have an active infection
  • Have tattoos or excess scarring in the treatment areas
  • Be pregnant or planning to become pregnant, lactating, or nursing

Additional Info

  • CareWear light patches are wearable “stick and go” patches that are reusable and flexible. The patch uses patented LED light technology connected to a waterproof, rechargeable wireless controller that delivers a pre-programmed dosage of light.

Contact Info:

  • Dr. E. Victor Ross
  • 858-764-9042