Comfort Measures for Birth - Webinar

Learn skills that are beneficial throughout postpartum recovery

Two pregnant women sit on yoga balls, demonstrating a comfort measure for labor.

Learn skills that are beneficial throughout postpartum recovery

Explore a variety of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and comfort measures that you can use during your labor, either at home or at the hospital. Comfort measures include the role of the support person, positions for laboring, using a birthing ball and aromatherapy. We recommended you also take the Online Childbirth Course. This can be a good refresher course for expectant families.

It is recommended that you attend this prenatal class after approximately 32 weeks in your pregnancy.

Have two pillows and a blanket or yoga mat ready for class.

Expectant partners are encouraged to attend together – one registration per couple is required.

This virtual webinar is available via MS Teams. We recommend that you download the app or use the web version. An email will be sent once payment has been received with the URL and instructions.

Event details

Date and time

Tue, Dec 12, 2023

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm