Scripps Story Tips

Just announced! Scripps building new cardiovascular institute

Studies show that higher volumes result in better outcomes when it comes to cardiac procedures. Scripps’ plans for a new major Cardiovascular Institute unite the expertise and technology of multiple cardiac programs under one roof and support the most outstanding cardiac program in the region. (B-roll of cardiovascular procedures available on beta.) To schedule an interview or for more information, contact Don Stanziano at

98 years young makes amazing recovery

At the age of 98, Violet Blankenship is as energetic as most people half her age. But when she began to experience chest pain and recurrent fainting spells, she was admitted to Scripps Green Hospital for testing and treatment. Dr. Paul Teirstein, Interventional Cardiologist at Scripps Clinic, found that she had 99% narrowing in her major heart artery. At her age, any type of surgical procedure would ordinarily have been extremely risky. But with the interventional methods available today, Dr. Teirstein was able to implant two medicated stents into the artery in less than a half hour with very little recovery time. Violet has resumed her active lifestyle and is virtually symptom free. To schedule an interview, please contact Johnny Hagerman at

North County’s first certified primary stroke center

What does it mean for stroke patients? Can the effects of stroke be reversed with specialized, immediate care? Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas recently received this national certification because of its demonstrated expertise in caring for stroke victims. To arrange an interview with stroke specialist Dr. Tom Chippendale or for more information, please contact Julie Lee at

Balloon sinuplasty offers hope for sinusitis sufferers

Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic health problems in the U.S., afflicting 37 million Americans each year. Sinusitis significantly impacts an individual’s physical, functional and emotional quality of life. Now sinusitis sufferers have a new option – a surgical procedure that involves a minimally invasive technique for opening up blocked sinus passages and reduces the need for surgeons to remove tissue or bone. The procedure is performed entirely through the nostrils using a flexible balloon catheter designed to navigate through the complex twists and turns of the sinus. The balloon is inflated to gently restructure and widen the walls of the blocked passageway, allowing the return of normal sinus functions. Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla is currently the only facility in San Diego County performing this cutting edge procedure. To arrange an interview or for additional information, e-mail Lisa Ohmstede at

First artificial cervical disc

Scripps Mercy Hospital’s Jean Jacques Abitbol, M.D. and Sohaib Kureshi, M.D. are participating in a nationwide clinical trial for the implantation of artificial cervical discs. Dr. Abitbol, the lead investigator for this national study, performed the first artificial cervical disc surgery of this kind in San Diego in March — the first all-metal disc specially designed for the cervical spine. (B-roll of surgical procedures available upon request.) To schedule an interview or for more information, contact Kristin Reinhardt at

Border patrol agents undergo emergency childbirth training

A dozen Border Patrol Agents will undergo emergency childbirth class on Wednesday, June 14, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The class will teach the agents the signs and symptoms of an impending birth, how to deliver a baby, and potential dangers and complications of childbirth. This class is part of an new collaboration that Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla established with Miramar College to train first responders to be emergency medical technicians. During the three-week course, the Border Patrol Agents undergo classroom training at Miramar College and then receive hands-on training in the Emergency Department and the Mother/Baby Unit of Scripps La Jolla. To cover this class or for additional information on the program, e-mail Lisa Ohmstede at

New corporate wellness program for 10,000+ Scripps employees

With a tiny finger stick, Scripps is now providing wellness assessments with cholesterol, blood sugar and other basic readings to all of its 10,000+ employees as part of an internal wellness campaign. The program allows employees to enter their own data and monitor it throughout the year using a confidential online tracking system, complete with stress-reduction seminars, nutritional and exercise advice and organized activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. Employees are offered gift cards and discounts on health insurance premiums based solely on their level of participation (not the results). To schedule an interview or for more information about the program, contact Bryan Revis at

Top 10 skin-related myths

With thousands of skin care products on the market that protect from the sun, treat acne and prevent scarring, consumers must distinguish between product claims and fact. What works and what doesn’t? What really causes acne and blackheads? What is the difference between hypoallergenic and non-allergenic? Are tanning beds safer than the sun? Dr. John Hancox, dermatologist at Scripps Clinic, provides the truth about today’s “top 10” most common skin-related myths. To schedule an interview, please contact Johnny Hagerman at

Scripps Center for Executive Health celebrates 25 years of caring for busy professionals

This summer marks the 25th Anniversary of the Scripps Center for Executive Health. Tailored to a fast-paced lifestyle, the Center helps busy executives attain and maintain optimal health through day-long personalized health assessment. To help celebrate the Center’s Silver Anniversary, we invite members of the media to undergo a comprehensive Whole Person examination themselves and report first-hand their experience. To arrange an examination or for additional information, e-mail Lisa Ohmstede at

Support groups reaching diverse populations

How are providers like Scripps reaching the diverse and underserved populations in San Diego? One example is a cancer support group for African Americans that meets biweekly at the City Heights Wellness Center, facilitated jointly by a Scripps social worker and a community member. For more information, please contact Bryan Revis at

Summer safety for your kids

What products should parents buy to keep their kids safe this summer at the pool, beach, amusement park or just while in the backyard? Scripps pediatricians offer their expert advice on the latest products parents should check out this summer. To schedule an interview or for more information, contact Kristin Reinhardt at