Brain Surgery at Scripps Encinitas Saves Composer's Life

North County classical music composer now knows true healing

Although composer Paul Warner of Encinitas considers himself one of the founders of “healing music,” he could not heal himself. Emergency surgery was his only option when he was recently brought to Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas—almost comatose from a ruptured brain tumor.

When Warner arrived at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, a team of skilled emergency physicians, nurses, neurologists, surgeons, and technicians assessed the life-threatening situation. Tests revealed a ruptured brain tumor that would require immediate surgery.

“Saving Mr. Warner’s life and giving him a chance for a normal recovery was our goal,” said Scripps Encinitas neurosurgeon Scott Meyer, MD. “We are all happy that the surgery had a positive outcome and that Paul is back to his normal life as a composer and great artist who loves music.”

For several years after learning that he had a pea-size tumor that should be removed, Warner believed he could control his tumor through natural homeopathic methods.
“I did not want to take the risk of losing my livelihood and my ability to make music,” said Warner. "Had I known what incredible and skilled medical talent was available right in my backyard, I may have looked at my options more seriously.

More than 30 doctors and nurses gave Warner hope during his month-long stay at Scripps Encinitas and kept his spirits up during his recovery. The acute rehabilitation department helped him relearn normal life functions—eating, walking and caring for himself.

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