New Therapy for Overactive Bladder

Patients seeking treatment for overactive bladder syndrome are finding success with a simple new therapy available at Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley.

Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) has been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder – including urgency, frequency, and incontinence – and possibly the pain associated with interstitial cystitis.

During the office-based procedure, a tiny needle is inserted near the tibial nerve in the lower leg. The needle conducts electrical impulses to a group of nerves that regulate bladder function, located at the base of the spine. When these nerves are stimulated by the electrical impulse, bladder function gradually improves.

Bruce Kahn, M.D., a Scripps Clinic gynecologist who has been treating patients using the PTNS procedure for approximately one year, says he’s impressed with the results.

“Many of my patients who have not found success with other treatment options, such as medication or pelvic muscle exercise, have found that their bladder control is significantly improved after undergoing PTNS,” said Kahn.

PTNS is a low-risk procedure that is a covered by many insurance companies. The treatments take place once a week for approximately 12 weeks, for 30 minutes each session. After the first 12 treatments, additional sessions are scheduled only as needed.

To schedule a consultation with a Scripps Clinic provider or find out more about PTNS, please call 858-764-9080.

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