Healing Garden Dedication in La Jolla

Scripps Memorial La Jolla unveils new serenity garden

La Jolla Dedication Garden

Scripps Memorial La Jolla unveils new serenity garden

On April 21, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla unveiled its new serenity garden. Complete with flowers, a fountain and even a black pine bonsai tree, this is no ordinary garden. It has been designed to create a sense of healing and inner-harmony to those who visit.

Numerous comments from those who have already come to the garden have surfaced, stating that a walk through the garden brought on peace, wellbeing and purpose. The real story however, lies in how this place of serenity came to be.

The garden was designed and built by a handful of Master Gardeners. A Master Gardener is someone who is not only highly skilled at creating beautiful gardens, but is also someone who educates the next generation of gardeners as to ensure beauty will exist for years to come. Gary Fybel, Chief Executive, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, is a Master Gardener and possesses a huge appreciation for the art. His father, Ernest Fybel, who is also a Master Gardener, served the communities of West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills with his gardening abilities for 20 years. Throughout his life, Ernest valued integrity, honesty, support and was community-minded. His values and love of gardening have been passed down to Gary, and a few months prior to April 21, Gary voiced his desire to have an inspirational garden somewhere on the La Jolla hospital campus. In acknowledgement of the passion and love of gardening that Ernest Fybel has passed down, and will continue to pass down to generations to come, a plaque can be found in the garden that reads: “Recognizing the Inspiration of a Master Gardener – Ernest Fybel April 21, 2008”.

The garden itself was designed and built by David Carvalho and his team in just one month. Carvalho is the Grounds Supervisor for the hospital and also a Master Gardener. Scripps has really empowered his team to work on projects like this around the campus. “My team and I have been given creative freedom” explains Carvalho. Thanks to people like Ernest Fybel, Gary Fybel, and David Carvalho, the design and cultivation of the garden have proven to be quite beautiful. The serenity garden is open to all those who wish to enjoy the art of gardening and to find their own form of healing and peace. It can be found between the main hospital building and the imaging pavilion on the Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla campus.

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