Scripps Robotic Surgery Program Offers Cardiac Procedures

San Diego – The Scripps Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Program has further expanded the scope of state-of-the-art care available to patients. Cardiothoracic robotic surgeons James Hemp, M.D. and Jeffrey Tyner, M.D. employ the da Vinci Surgical System to treat:

  • Atrial septal defects
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Mitral valve prolapse
  • Intracardiac tumors
  • Mediastinal tumors
  • Myasthenia gravis

In recent years less invasive surgical options have become increasingly available for patients facing cardiothoracic surgery. Robot-assisted cardiothoracic surgery gives surgeons and patients an effective, minimally invasive treatment alternative for even the most complex cardiothoracic procedures.

Minimally invasive methods can lead to quicker recovery

When compared to traditional surgeries, minimally invasive robotic procedures offer decreased risk of infection, faster recovery, less blood loss and transfusions, less scarring, quicker return to normal activities, reduced pain and shorter hospital stays.

A patient typically stays in the hospital for three to five days after minimally invasive cardiac surgery, compared to five days or more after traditional heart surgery. Recovery time is also decreased to between two and four weeks, while the average recovery time after open-heart surgery is six to eight weeks.

Minimally invasive robotic surgery provides access to the heart through five small incisions, eliminating the need for surgeons to split the breastbone and spread open the ribcage in order to gain access to the heart. During robot-assisted surgery, tiny instruments and a three-dimensional camera are inserted through the incisions, and the surgeon controls the instruments from a console that provides a magnified view of the surgical field. This system enhances surgical capabilities by offering even greater precision during surgery.

The Scripps Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Program utilizes the most advanced da Vinci Surgical System available today. The program offers a wide scope of specialties, including cardiothoracic, urologic, gynecologic, nephrologic and oncologic surgical options.

About Scripps Health

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