Scripps Health Statement in Response to June 26 Tri-City News Conference

San Diego – Scripps Health has a very positive relationship with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and we cooperate fully with the agency whenever asked. We also are proactive in bringing information to them when patient safety issues involving our care are raised.

Tri-City’s claim that Scripps has “not agreed to open its records to the Department of Public Health” is not true. CDPH always has access to patient records, by virtue of the state’s licensing authority.

In fact, following the June 2 filing of Tri-City’s lawsuit against Scripps, we informed CDPH on June 5 of the unidentified case referenced in the lawsuit alleging that a patient has been harmed as a result of a transfer to one of our facilities. Tri-City did not provide specific information that would allow us to identify the case and our internal reviews could not determine that such a case existed. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to inform CDPH.

As we’ve stated before, physicians determine where patients should be sent for care based on what is best for the patient. Anything more or less than that impedes upon the clinical and professional judgment of the physician. While we encourage admission to Scripps facilities, and our affiliated doctors encourage their specialists to use Scripps facilities, we never require this if the physician believes a different clinical care location is more appropriate or necessary.

It should be noted that prior to filing its lawsuit, Tri-City did not contact Scripps regarding patient care concerns, nor did they file a complaint with CDPH.

Scripps is very proud of the care we provide all of the communities we serve, including coastal North County where we have been for more than 30 years. We believe patients deserve a choice in health care providers and we are thankful so many are choosing Scripps.

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