Longtime Little Italy Resident Helps Scripps Mercy Grow

As a fourth-generation resident in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego, Onofrio Pecoraro maintains his family’s deep connection to the community and Scripps Mercy Hospital, where he was born 39 years ago.

In the 1950s, Onofrio’s great-grandfather, Tony Bernardino, built a house in the heart of Little Italy. Three generations moved in and the home has remained in the family ever since. Onofrio is proud to live there today.

While the once quiet and close-knit neighborhood has since grown into a thriving metropolis, Onofrio has seen many pillars of the community remain, including Scripps Mercy. For 120 years, the nonprofit hospital has been caring for the nearly one million people who live and work in central and southern San Diego County.

“I was born at Scripps Mercy Hospital,” says Onofrio. “My mother, brother, sister and many other relatives were born there too. My family has been going to Scripps Mercy for many years. We have a history of receiving great care there.”

Although an unexpected hospital visit can be a stressful experience for a patient and their loved ones, Onofrio praises the treatment his family and friends have received over the years. He also credits the Sisters of Mercy for creating a comforting and compassionate healing environment.

In honor of his family’s history with Scripps Mercy, Onofrio recently made a generous gift to benefit Caring for the Future: The Campaign for Scripps Mercy Hospital. The $50 million campaign supports the largest modern-day expansion and modernization project at the hospital, which will enhance critical care and cancer services for the San Diego region.

“I am giving from the heart,” says Onofrio. “Generations after generations have turned to Scripps Mercy for their health care. I feel blessed to be able to help advance technology and services at the hospital for my family and community, for years to come. As the hospital celebrates its 120th birthday this year, I look forward to seeing it grow. I know it will help many more people during the next 120 years.”

To learn how you can support Caring for the Future: The Campaign for Scripps Mercy Hospital, please call 619-686-3836.

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