Lasting Treatment for Excessive Underarm Sweating Now Available

Scripps physician is the first in San Diego to use non-invasive technology

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Excessive underarm sweating can be very frustrating. Clothes get stained, undershirts need to be replaced and some say it even affects their self confidence. Fortunately, a new non-invasive and lasting treatment is now available at Scripps for a limited time.

The procedure

Scripps Clinic dermatologist Dr. E. Victor Ross is the first in San Diego to offer patients a procedure called miraDry. “The procedure uses electromagnetic technology to eliminate sweat glands in a targeted area without surgical incisions or cuts,” Dr. Ross explains. “The treatment is done in the physician’s office and is customized to the individual’s underarm area.” Each treatment takes about one hour and a typical patient only needs two treatments. There is very little downtime and most patients are able to return to work on the same day.

The difference

Other treatments, such as Botox, are temporary and require you to get treatments on an ongoing basis. There is also a surgical option, but it is invasive and requires more down time. The miraDry procedure, however, is the first non-invasive and lasting treatment available.

Keeping cool

The procedure has been shown to be effective at reducing underarm sweat while still allowing your body to cool itself properly. There are more than four million sweat glands in your body, with only two percent of the glands in the underarm area. “MiraDry is much more effective than using anti-perspirants and is just as safe on the body,” says Dr. Ross.

Take action

MiraDry was cleared by the FDA earlier this year and Dr. Ross is now offering the procedure for a limited time to gather feedback from patients and staff before bringing it on full time at a later date. The procedure will be offered at a discounted rate during this limited time. To make an appointment or for more information, call 858-764-9040.

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