10 Health Screenings for Women

Which exams, tests and screenings to schedule and when

Learn the top 10 health screenings women should have and when they should have them.

Which exams, tests and screenings to schedule and when

Women typically begin seeing a physician regularly at an early age. Because of sexual and reproductive health needs, many have generally developed an open and trusting relationship with a doctor by the time they reach adulthood. But that doesn’t mean women always know what kinds of tests and screenings are appropriate at every age — and guidelines keep changing as we learn more about specific diseases, conditions, genomics and more.

Regular exams should include more than a visit to a primary care physician. Eye and dental exams should be included as well, but can fall off the radar as women’s lives get busy with work and family obligations.

To help you or the women in your life stay well and detect diseases and conditions as early as possible, check out this infographic (PDF, 430 KB) of recommended screenings, tests and exams that a woman should have throughout her adult life.

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