Top 5 Wellness Stories of 2014

Read what you may have missed last year about fitness, weight loss, love and your health

Rediscover Scripps Health’s top health and wellness stories from 2015.

In 2014, the Scripps Health e-newsletter covered more than 40 topics related to health and wellness. The most popular articles — based on the number of times it was viewed — included everything from fitness and weight loss to lowering stress.

Looking ahead, we’ll be serving up more articles like these to help you get well and stay healthy. Just in case you missed them, these were the top stories of 2014:

1. Six Healthy Activities to Do in San Diego

Check out some of our primary care doctors’ favorite outdoor activities for staying in shape while exploring San Diego’s trails, waves, lagoons and canyons.

2. Eight Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Not every minor ache or pain requires a trip to the doctor, but these eight seemingly minor signs are things you shouldn’t ignore.

3. Six Foods to Eat if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

To lose weight, you have to start with smart choices about the food you eat. To set yourself up for success, start at the grocery store and add these six foods to your cart.

4. MD or DO: Which is the Right Doctor for You?

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences and similarities between these two types of physicians, you’ll find an explanation here.

5. How Love Affects Your Heart

Does your heart beat faster when you’re around the person you love? That feeling of excitement and happiness may actually be benefiting your heart health. Find out how.

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