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How One Family Supports Scripps on National Doctors Day

Inspired by her father’s medical team, Susan Taylor and her family give back to Scripps

Susan Taylor, executive director, external affairs, 
Scripps Health, and former TV news anchor.

Susan Taylor, executive director, external affairs,
Scripps Health, and former TV news anchor.

Scripps employee and former TV news anchor Susan Taylor had a life-changing experience when her father, Robert, needed open-heart surgery.

“Dad’s open-heart surgery was very complicated. He was in a coma for two months. Dad had the will to live and that incredible team of Scripps doctors showed him the way. They did everything right and our family is forever grateful,” says Susan.

The experience moved Susan to join Scripps Health, and prompted her family to show their gratitude by donating to Scripps and helping others.

Join Susan and her family in supporting National Doctors Day

Every dollar donated helps fund Scripps patient support services, acquire more precise diagnostic tools, introduce surgical techniques that minimize risk, pain and recovery times — and more.

Donations also support Scripps medical education programs and help attract world-class physicians and researchers, as well as top-quality nurses and technicians. Contributions to capital campaigns help build and improve our hospitals, clinics and treatment centers, creating state-of-the-art environments that help patients heal.

National Doctors Day, celebrated on March 30, offers a meaningful opportunity to make your donation.

When you donate online, you can honor a special physician and send them a personal note of thanks. Once your tribute gift is received, we’ll forward your personal message of gratitude to them.