Focusing on Heart Health: Your Life, Your Heart (Su Vida, Su Corazon)

Bilingual community-based support for people with heart disease


Su Vida, Su Corazon (Your Life, Your Heart) is an educational-based community intervention program that supports underserved patients diagnosed with heart disease. The goal of the five-week intervention is to decrease readmission rates for heart failure patients, reducing medical costs and improving quality of life.

Su Vida, Su Corazon focuses on addressing key factors that contribute to heart disease, such as tobacco use, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, stress and depression. Led in English and Spanish, group sessions are designed to provide education and social support.

The program has shown tremendous success in 2015. Results show that 95 percent of the first year’s participants have not been readmitted to the hospital — and most improved their Body Mass Index (BMI), and lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels.

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