Three Patients Thank Scripps for the Gift of Health

Susan Taylor presents their remarkable journeys from treatment to triumph

A smiling Susan Taylor portrait standing before two doors embossed with Scripps logo.

More than 500,000 patients come to Scripps every year for their health care needs. From those challenged with heart disease, cancer and diabetes to others faced with rare genetic conditions, Scripps delivers state-of-the-art treatment in a caring environment.

“What’s so amazing is the courage that patients often bring with them when they enter our doors,” says Susan Taylor, executive director of external affairs at Scripps. “When you combine that strength with the exceptional skills, commitment and compassion of our physicians, nurses, researchers and caregivers, you have some very powerful medicine and inspiring stories.”

See and hear their stories in their own words

Join Susan Taylor in giving the gift of health

Help make this a time of health and happiness for family members, friends and neighbors coping with illness. Your gift can help advance new technologies like the wearable exoskeleton that put Tony Fernandez back on his feet. It can support genetic counseling services and landmark research and clinical trials for patients like Lilly Grossman. Or it can give diabetes patients like Tyeisha Smith the tools needed to reclaim control over their health and outlook on life.

“We would not be this happy family that we are without Scripps,” says Tyeisha. “They gave my children their mother back.”

“Throughout my career as a TV journalist, I came in contact with some pretty extraordinary people,” says Susan. “And now at Scripps, I’m awed and humbled by the opportunity to meet our patients, to tell their stories and, ultimately, make a difference in their lives and the lives of so many others. It’s a true joy.”

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