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Scripps Proton Therapy Doctor Examines Cancer 'Moonshot' Initiative

Note to Patients: The following news is posted for archival purposes only. Scripps is no longer accepting new patients for proton therapy.

Patrick Linson, MD, appears on CW 6 San Diego Morning News

Dr. Linson TV CMS Moonshot. 2016. Scripps Health San Diego.

(From left) Patrick Linson, MD and Marc Bailey.

Patrick Linson, MD, appears on CW 6 San Diego Morning News

Marc Bailey, anchor of the CW 6 San Diego TV Morning News, recently interviewed Patrick Linson, MD, about the recently announced “Moonshot” initiative against cancer. Dr. Linson, a Scripps Clinic radiation oncologist, discussed the importance of accelerating the pace of research and enhancing collaboration among the nation’s doctors and researchers. He also discussed the wide array of cancer treatment options at Scripps, ranging from proton therapy to immunotherapy to minimally invasive surgery.

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