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News Roundup: Military Hero Turns 100 and Finishes Cancer Care at Scripps

Note to Patients: The following news is posted for archival purposes only. Scripps is no longer accepting new patients for proton therapy.

Proton therapy enables Ben Schulman to maintain active lifestyle

Ben Schulman, a 100-year-old World War II war hero, shares a proud moment with his doctor after finishing his cancer care.

From left: Carl Rossi, MD and Ben Schulman.

Proton therapy enables Ben Schulman to maintain active lifestyle

News media outlets took notice when Carlsbad resident Ben Schulman celebrated his 100th birthday on the same day he finished treatments for a spine tumor at Scripps Proton Therapy Center.

Schulman keeps an active schedule, with travel, golf and running a video production company.

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The OsideNews.com story and video, "Scripps Proton Therapy Enables 100-Year-Old to Maintain Active Lifestyle," are not available at this time.

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