Statement From the Family of Scripps La Jolla Patient Leeanne Ericson

Scripps trauma surgeon Gail Tominaga, MD, issues a statement from a shark attack victim's family to the members of the press.

Scripps trauma surgeon Gail Tominaga, MD, briefs reporters during a press conference with Leeanne Ericson's family and first responders.

The family of Leeanne Ericson has asked Scripps Health to issue this statement from them on their behalf:

The events of last Saturday at San Onofre State Beach were a terrible tragedy for Leeanne Ericson and all of us who love and support her, but we know the situation could have been far graver had it not been for the number of emergency response personnel and others who provided the care she needed and saved her life.

We want to thank all of these people in this order who helped save Leeanne’s life:

• First, by the grace of God, she is alive.

• Leeanne’s boyfriend, best friend and their families.

• The caller who dialed 911.

• The brave compassionate head sock surfer.

• The EMT Marine and his comrades.

• The State Park Life Guard Service.

• The Camp Pendleton Fire and Paramedic crew

• The Mercy Air Service No. 5 crew

• The Camp Pendleton MPs.

• The Scripps surgeons and staff

• And the huge community of local supporters and prayers.

We are grateful for all of the concern, prayers and good wishes we have received in recent days from the many friends and strangers who have reached out to us from across the country, and indeed, the world.

Last Saturday, Leeanne suffered significant injuries to her right buttocks and upper leg along with significant blood loss. But she was brought to the trauma center here. So, while she remains in critical condition, she is doing well considering her injuries. She has undergone two surgeries and will be back in the operating room for several more during the next few weeks.

We will, of course, continue to be here for Leeanne and her children as she continues on her journey to recovery. And we want you to know that the good we have seen this tragedy bring out in people has been a comfort and helps us carry on.

Many people have asked if there is anything they can do to help. There are two ways you can help: Make a donation in care of Support Leeanne at Pacific Marine Credit Union by calling 760-631-8700 or visiting any local branch, or donate blood in her name for the general community.

Finally, we ask that members of the media understand that our focus must be on Leeanne and that our need for privacy during this difficult time be respected going forward.

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