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Health and Wellness | January 8, 2020

Top 6 Concerns Parents Have About Their Children’s Health

Learn the top concerns parents have about their children's health. Scripps pediatricians offer advice on nutrition, vaccines and more.
Health and Wellness | January 7, 2020

Surgical Weight-Loss Solutions (podcast)

Weight-loss experts discuss weight-loss solutions, including minimally invasive bariatric surgery. Learn who is a candidate.
Health and Wellness | December 31, 2019

How to Read Nutrition Labels and Eat Healthy

The new Nutrition Facts Label on food packages has made it easier for people to make healthy eating choices when shopping for groceries.
Health and Wellness | December 30, 2019

Bariatric Surgery Offers Weight-Loss Options (video)

Scripps experts discuss the obesity epidemic and weight-loss surgery options. Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are the most common.
Health and Wellness | December 24, 2019

Is Vaping Bad For You? Is It Safer Than Smoking? (podcast)

A Scripps pulmonologist who has treated vaping-related lung illnesses explains the dangers of vaping and alternatives to e-cigarettes.
Health and Wellness | December 13, 2019

What to Do When You Find a Lump During Breast Self Examination

What if you find a lump during a breast self-exam? Most breast lumps are benign, but don't ignore. See your doctor. Learn more.
Health and Wellness | December 13, 2019

Is Vaping Safe? Is It Safer Than Smoking? (video)

A Scripps expert discusses the dangers of vaping and who's at risk for vaping-related illnesses, which have been on the rise.
Health and Wellness | December 10, 2019

Cosmetic Procedures: Your Options to Look Good, Feel Better (podcast)

A Scripps plastic surgeon discusses common cosmetic procedures, from tummy tuck to neck and eyelid lifts and the popular Mommy Makeover.
Health and Wellness | December 5, 2019

What Should You Do After Being Diagnosed With Cancer?

You've been diagnosed with cancer. What do you do next? Build a cancer care plan with lots of support. Know your care team and more.
Health and Wellness | December 4, 2019

9 Weight Loss Tips to Kick Off Your New Year

A Scripps Clinic primary care doctor offers weight loss tips to help you with your New Year's resolution to lose weight.