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Scripps in the News | June 12, 2024

ABC 10 News Explores Link Between Nutrition and Cancer Treatments

Scripps registered dietitian Alison Meagher shares her expertise with ABC News 10 on this important connection.
Health and Wellness | June 12, 2024

Why Does My Knee Hurt?

A female athlete holds her knee after experiencing pain.
Common causes of knee pain include arthritis, meniscus tears and ACL injuries. Learn about symptoms and treatment options for knee pain.
Health and Wellness | June 11, 2024

What Is Thyroid Cancer?

Learn about thyroid cancer symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatments. Younger adults and women are more likely to develop disease.
News Releases | June 10, 2024

June Graduation Marks 40th Year of Skin Cancer Fellowship at Scripps Clinic

Led by Hubert Greenway, MD, the skin cancer fellowship program at Scripps Clinic has a lot to celebrate in June. Read about its history and more.
Health and Wellness | June 10, 2024

6 Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated

This refreshing carafe of water with cucumber and lemon slices can help you quench your thirst and avoid dehydration in San Diego’s sunny, dry climate.
Follow these tips to prevent dehydration. Don't wait till you're thirsty to drink, flavor your water, know the signs of dehydration and more.
Health and Wellness | June 10, 2024

5 Facts About Breast Cancer Screening

Women wearing breast cancer ribbons, a reminder of the importance of mammograms and early detection.
Learn the benefits of regular breast cancer screenings, including mammograms. Early detection is key to successful treatment.
News Releases | June 7, 2024

Scripps Clinic Cardiologist First in Southern Calif., to Use Newly Approved Drug-Coated Balloon to Clear Clogged Coronary Stent

Learn how Paul Teirstein, MD, became the first in Southern California to use the device and what it means for the future of heart care.
Health and Wellness | May 31, 2024

Connect with Your Health Care: Enroll in MyScripps Patient Portal

MyScripps is safe and secure, easy to use, important to have during pandemic. Use it to make appointments, including for COVID vaccine.
Health and Wellness | May 29, 2024

Baby’s Drool Rash: How to Treat and Prevent It

Drool rash happens when a baby’s skin is wet with saliva for long periods and gets irritated. These tips can help prevent and treat it.
Scripps in the News | May 23, 2024

Media Spotlight on Patient Discharge Delays at Hospitals

A hospital patient sits on a hospital bed looking out the window as he waits to be discharged.
A recent article by MedPage Today shined a light on the growing problem of hospital avoidable bed days.