Chemotherapy and infusion services at Scripps in San Diego

Chemotherapy for cancer involves the use of drugs (taken orally or intravenously) to attack cancerous cells, directly or indirectly, with the goal of killing them or slowing their growth.

Scripps offers chemotherapy and other infusion therapies in a variety of locations throughout San Diego. Patients may receive treatment in any Scripps hospital, outpatient infusion center, or in affiliated physicians’ office locations. All infusions are supervised by physicians and nurses who are specially trained to oversee the patient’s unique needs.

Scripps nurses who administer chemotherapy have completed extensive training and education through the Oncology Nursing Society, and many clinical pharmacists at Scripps also have advanced training in chemotherapy preparation and treatment. Collaborating with other health professionals, the care team provides each patient with a warm, comforting experience, while ensuring the highest quality care.

Infusion services, whole-person care

Chemotherapy once required long hospital stays, but thanks to new medications used to treat nausea, most patients receive their therapy in the outpatient setting. This allows an improved and less disruptive experience for many patients.

Other advances, such as cold-cap therapy to reduce hair loss and meditation to reduce anxiety, are also supported in the outpatient setting. Clinical trials are also offered as part of the chemotherapy and infusion services at Scripps.

Each visit to the infusion center includes a nurse assessment to determine how the patient is tolerating treatment, including recommendations, educational materials and consultation with a pharmacist as needed. Chemotherapy and other infusion treatments may produce physical symptoms that may be controlled through medication, nutrition and relaxation.

The nurses and pharmacists in both the inpatient and outpatient settings at Scripps are experts at helping patients manage symptoms.