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Find a Dermatologist in San Diego at Scripps Health

Scripps Health offers medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatological care at locations throughout San Diego. This includes diagnostic services to provide expert, accurate analysis of skin problems arise along with an individualized care plan.

Because our dermatologists are serious about skin care and your health, they work with a team of dermatology specialists, including those at Scripps Clinic, to provide effective skin care methods and the most current technology available to treat:

Skin cancer screening

We’re also serious about skin cancer prevention and diagnosis. Scripps Health recommends regularly checking your whole body for problems spots at home, and with your physician during your annual physical exam. By conducting regular skin checks, you’ll be more aware of new or unusual skin growths that change in appearance (size, shape or color). Melanoma often starts as small, mole-like growths that increase in size and may change color.

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