Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab care at Scripps Health

Scripps Health offers comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation care in San Diego

Cardiac rehab care at Scripps Health

Scripps offers a full range of services for cardiac rehabilitation (also called cardiac rehab) that is typically part of an overall care plan for patients who have had heart surgery, a heart procedure or device implant such as a pacemaker or defibrillator. Patients with congestive heart failure have also been shown to benefit from following a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Seamless clinical teamwork and quality care are hallmarks of Scripps heart care and two of the reasons why U.S. News & World Report recognized Scripps as San Diego’s best hospitals for heart care and heart surgery.

What is cardiac rehab?


What is cardiac rehab?

Scripps cardiac rehabilitation program is staffed with specialists who can help you recover from surgery or a heart procedure.

Whole person healing

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Whole person healing

Scripps offers a full range of heart healing services including integrative medicine, as well as classes and support groups.

Cardiac rehabilitation specialists

Our rehabilitation services bring together a care team of experts to create individualized plans that help heart patients establish appropriate exercise and dietary programs and make lifestyle choices to support heart health.

A cardiac rehabilitation team at Scripps may include:

  • One or more physicians (primary care, cardiologist, surgeon)
  • Nurses specializing in cardiovascular care
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Dietician or nutritionist
  • Physical and occupational therapist
  • Counselor or other mental health professional

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Getting through a heart problem or surviving a life-threatening heart condition can be difficult. It represents a first step in longer-term recovery with the ultimate goal of a stronger, healthier heart and improved quality of life.

Scripps recognizes that the best healing happens when patients feel supported physically, emotionally and mentally during health challenges. Our cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help patients recover from extensive heart procedures or surgery as well as gain control over their own health by taking an active role in their recovery.

Cardiac rehab is unique to each and every patient. Some may not be immediate candidates for exercise because of very high blood pressure or severe heart disease. Plans are tailored to a patient’s specific health profile and heart condition with an emphasis on the safest and most appropriate ways to regain strength and return to an active lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs may include:

  • Safe, monitored exercise with weights and cardiovascular equipment in one of our fitness centers at Scripps facilities
  • Dietary changes and counseling
  • Patient education about lifestyle changes to minimize risks of additional heart problems
  • Education on ways to reduce and manage stress
  • Smoking cessation
  • Management of high blood pressure and cholesterol

Treating the whole person

In conjunction with our cardiac rehabilitation program, Scripps offers complementary medicine services at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, which include:

  • Integrative treatments and therapies such as acupuncture, advanced lipid testing, biofeedback, enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), therapeutic yoga, music therapy and more.
  • Lifestyle Change Program, a unique three-month program tailored to individual needs.
  • A fitness center with weights, cardiovascular equipment, as well as a heated lap pool.

Community classes, group support and information

Scripps offers community classes that can provide heart patients greater awareness about heart disease, as well as emotional support and motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

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Cardiac rehabilitation locations

Scripps Health offers cardiac rehabilitation at the following locations: