Heart Surgery

Scripps performs the most heart surgeries in San Diego

Two Scripps cardiac surgeons perform heart surgery.

Scripps performs the most heart surgeries in San Diego

Scripps offers many of the most advanced surgical options for patients with life-threatening heart conditions and diseases. From traditional open heart bypass surgery to minimally invasive or robot-assisted surgery, we care for you with a full range of innovative cardiovascular and thoracic surgery options and procedures performed by specialists ushering in a new era of cardiac care.

Using the most advanced technology, we offer heart care services for you and your family throughout San Diego County — from Chula Vista to Oceanside — making our team of experts available where and when you need them.

Our approach to heart surgery at Scripps

Depending on the type of surgery, the patient’s health and medical history and other factors, doctors may use traditional open heart surgery or minimally invasive techniques. The goal is to achieve the best outcome using the least invasive method possible.

Cardiovascular surgeries

Cardiovascular surgeries are performed on the heart and its circulatory system including the major arteries and veins. Scripps cardiac surgeons perform a comprehensive range of cardiovascular procedures.

Learn more about TAVR and heart valve repair

Learn more about TAVR and heart valve repair

Scripps cardiologist Paul Teirstein, MD, discusses how the minimally invasive surgery called TAVR repairs aortic valves.

Lung and thoracic surgeries

Thoracic surgeries are those performed on the heart, lungs, esophagus and other organs in the chest. Thoracic surgery also includes cardiothoracic surgical procedures. Scripps thoracic and cardiothoracic surgeons perform a range of lung and thoracic procedures.