Cardiac Arrhythmia Treatment

Scripps Health offers expert treament for cardiac arrhythmias

Scripps Provides Advanced Care for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Scripps board-certified cardiac electrophysiologists diagnose and treat more patients with abnormal heart rhythms than any other San Diego health care provider. These dangerous heart conditions — whose episodes often occur intermittently — are also known as heart arrhythmias.

Scripps electrophysiologists work hand-in-hand with your primary care physician, cardiologist and medical colleagues across multiple specialties and sub-specialties to provide the best possible treatment and options for all types of arrhythmias.

Why Choose Scripps

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Diagnosis and Treatment

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Learn how physicians detect and diagnose arrhythmia, and explore cardiac arrhythmia treatment available with Scripps Health.

Atrial Fibrillation or A-Fib

Scripps electrophysiologist Dr. Steven Higgins.

Learn more about atrial fibrillation treatment at Scripps Health, and find a Scripps electrophysiology (EP) lab near you.

Types of Arrhythmia

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Learn more about types of arrhythmia, including supraventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation.

Why choose Scripps

There’s one choice for heart health in San Diego: Scripps.

Scripps Green Hospital and Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla are ranked as among the best in San Diego for cardiology and heart surgery, according to U.S. News & World Report’s prestigious annual ratings. This means the cardiac care you receive at Scripps is not only the highest rated in San Diego, it’s among the best in America.

National honors and a history of pioneering “firsts”

Scripps Health has also been named among the 15 top health systems in the U.S. by international business research firm Truven Health Analytics. We’re consistently on the leading edge of cardiovascular treatment breakthroughs and newest ways to treat heart conditions. Among Scripps achievements:

  • First California health care provider to perform surgery to treat and cure arrhythmias
  • First U.S. health care provider to implant dual-chamber defibrillators for the successful treatment of arrhythmias
  • Second in the world to implant a transvenous biventricular defibrillator
  • First in California to study the Watchman device for a left atrial appendage closure
  • First hospital in the Western U.S. to utilize new radiation reduction 3-D imaging for ablation

Scripps electrophysiology (EP) lab locations

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