Social Work Services (Case Management)


Providing Social Services and Support to Patients and Their Families

Scripps case managers assist patients and their families with a number of challenges to ensure a safe and appropriate discharge, including:

  • Arranging for continued care upon discharge at home and in the community. This may include care at a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center.
  • Arranging for home health care, which may involve physical, occupational or speech therapies, and skilled nursing in the patient’s residence.
  • Scheduling outpatient follow-up appointments after discharge to ensure appropriate continued care.

Social Workers also provide emotional support and resources to patients and their family members:

  • Counseling regarding adjustment to the patient’s current condition and treatment
  • Providing coping tools to handle the various psychosocial stressors that may affect treatment progress, such as lack of support systems, unstable home environment and financial issues
  • Assessment and intervention regarding substance and alcohol abuse, domestic violence or assault, and protective services issues for children, elders and those with disabilities
  • Resources and referrals to community services including financial, legal, mental health, shelter/housing, sober living and various other support services